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SAtion: Sowing SA’s Digital Seed & Economy

We’re excited to announce that the COBRA Ecosystem has joined the SAtion Ecosystem through a strategic union bringing two successful ecosystems together as one in the SAtion ecosystem!

Between 2020 and 2022 COBRA assisted almost 600 businesses to sustain their livelihoods during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since December 2021 there has been a steady reduction in the number of distressed businesses seeking crisis management assistance, with increased business requests coming in for growth opportunities.

The SAtion Ecosystem was established in 2020 as a Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) enablement ecosystem that benefits all South Africans through driving economic growth, job creation and inclusive social progress through digital enablement.

Join the SAtion Ecosystem in enabling economic growth in SA. We believe that collaboration is the sustainable way forward and we are bringing a coalition of the willing together, advancing the digital revolution trajectory of South Africa to change the future of our beautiful country and continent.

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Shared Value Initiative
To Help Struggling Businesses

COBRA consisted of a consortium of enterprises that were united during the COVID-19 pandemic to use business as a force for good by assisting other companies to thrive in a challenging economy, to safeguard livelihoods, and ultimately to improve the social wellbeing of all South Africans.

The founding and coalition members were committed to pooling their collective knowledge, experience, and resources to enable distressed businesses to stand a better chance of surviving the economic crisis that had been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Founded upon the principle of shared value, COBRA was set up to unite the private sector to solve pressing issues in society. The founding partners recognised the critical role that private businesses must play in South Africa to ensure economic and social wellbeing, and to safeguard both lives and livelihoods.

Within this shared value ecosystem, extensive business legal services, small business accounting, technology and business-turnaround expertise plus related local business support, and consulting services were made available to assist small businesses in financial consulting, legal, and operational distress. By helping vulnerable businesses, COBRA played a vital role in preventing economic decline and unemployment. See the impact made by COBRA here:

COBRA Crisis Support

In July 2021 we launched a new service offering support to businesses that had experienced losses as a result of the flooding in KwaZulu Natal. This offering existed primarily for businesses that had been affected by the flooding.

We appealed to all affected businesses to reach out to the COBRA Initiative if in need of the following:

  • Legal advice regarding any loss/damage to assets.
  • Mediation services.
  • Mental health and psychosocial support.
  • Business rescue.
  • Liquidations and insolvencies.

Speak to a SAtion Expert

COBRA assisted businesses to sustain their livelihoods during COVID-19 pandemic through providing a diverse range of queries from business turnaround, strategy, business governance, operations and more. Reach out to SAtion for further information.

COBRA Business Rescue

When companies requested business rescue services COBRA recommended a certified business rescue practitioner to initiate the formal rescue process to businesses who warranted entry into this process. One of COBRA’s intentions was to change the way that business rescue is perceived by demonstrating the value of the process and the outcomes that can be achieved when the plan is done well. Reach out to SAtion for further information.

COBRA Mediation

Our cost effective, professional mediation services provided efficient and effective dispute resolution solutions as an alternative to costly and unpredictable litigation.

Our mediators brought the parties together to find novel solutions for even the most tricky matters, which typically included commercial disputes, labour disputes, estate disputes, landlord/tenant matters, debt collection matters, construction law matters, and family law matters.

Our offering only extended to cases where both parties voluntarily agreed to mediate.

The COBRA Funding Tank

The COBRA Business Funding Tank was made up of investment partners from the consortium who assisted with SMME’s business startup funding or investment capital options.

Knowledge Hub For SMEs

Browse through the SAtion Knowledge Hub to find out more about DigitalSAtion, SMME Insights and other articles.

Knowledge Hub

COBRA’s Gifted Value commitment

COBRA aligned with professional partners who, together, not only agreed to provide services on a shared value basis but also, when required, on a ‘COBRA Gifted Value’ basis, subject to the company qualifying in terms of its means. If a business qualified for the COBRA Gifted Value program, professional fees would be reduced or written-off entirely by our partners to ensure a successful outcome for the business in question. Once sufficiently resuscitated, the business would move from the COBRA Gifted Value program to its share value offering.

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Meet our Partners

Established as a social enterprise and shared value ecosystem, COBRA prides itself on its partnerships with leading companies and industry leaders who possess knowledge and experience in diverse spheres of business governance, strategy and operation.

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In the light of the COVID-19 global pandemic reality and seriousness; COBRA supports the initiatives of the SA Government by: Staying Safe, Wearing Face Masks/PPE, and Social Distancing.

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