The COBRA knowledge portal contains a wide array of thought leadership pieces, informative articles, and practical how-to guides aimed at providing self-help support to business owners and leaders. Access is provided to subject matter experts who boast a broad range of expertise, knowledge and experience in diverse spheres of business governance, strategy, and operations.

The COBRA Knowledge Hub contains the most up to date view and detail of the various public and private relief funds that have been set up to alleviate the financial pressures of the COVID-19 crisis. In addition, there are articles providing guidance in general financial matters, links to financial support tools such as Cash Flow Story, and links to connect with the COBRA Funding Partners.

Business Rescue and Legal is another section of the Knowledge Hub that provides business owners answers to important questions relating to the business rescue process and the legal framework on which the process is founded.

There is extensive material relating to Business Turnaround that covers a wide array of business elements including people, technology, and general business management. This section is an invaluable resource for all business owners and leaders, particularly in the current economic climate.

The Wellbeing of both employers and employees alike is of paramount importance during the health and economic crisis. The COBRA Knowledge Hub contains useful information for assisting employers and employees deal with the human side of business. As a shared value initiative, COBRA is committed to enabling the private sector to play a role in improving social wellbeing and the Knowledge Hub provides information in this regard.

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